Chat with Magda Apanowicz

• January 1st, 2015

So, maintaining my tradition (of a year ago *ahem*), I am officially calling in 2015 with a Canadian.

Last year it was the delightful Leah Cairns (who I will absolutely be bringing back for a chat!)...this year, Culturally Fixated  is joined by the equally fabulous and hilarious

Magda Apanowicz

Magda - Kyle xy
Andy Jenson - Kyle XY

Where to start!! There's something about Magda that made it just *IMPOSSIBLE* for me to stay in interview mode - she's that sort of person that I immediately started chatting to as though we were life long friends!

We discuss Christmas and her two Christmas TVM for Scifi (I refuse to call them siffy) - Snowmageddon and the 12 Disasters of Christmas.

Then we took a meander down 'genera' lane and chat about the appeal of Sci Fi and the huge emotions and stories that can be told. Kyle XY, Caprica, Caontinuum, Battlestar Galactica - it's so wonderful to find an actor that loves 'my' shows as much as I do.

Magda - Caprica
Lacy Rand - Caprica


Oh, and did I mention she's a Buffy fan. There's a point where you can almost hear us swoon across two different continents over Spike...that is to say James Masters.

We cast a quick eye over two of her recent (released if not shot recently) films - A Reason and The Green Inferno and Magda compares the mediums of TV and film to  come round to a favourite medium for telling stories.

We briefly touch upon some of her hobbies outside of acting - including travelling and both her Canadian and Polish roots. Finally we chat about the upcoming year!

magda - continuum - gif
Kicking ass as Emily - Continuum



We swear. No two ways about it. I mean, we've not vulgar, heaven forfend...just passionate people with expressive vocabularies...
We *RUIN* practically every show that we mention - especially Caprica, Continuum (up to season 3) and discuss in detail the atrocious ending of Kyle XY. Aspects of Battlestar Galactica.
Listen Now:

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Christmas Special 2 with Reed Diamond

• December 22nd, 2014

Once again Culturally Fixated is joined by our Special Correspondent in LA to celebrate Christmas!!

Welcome back to the fabulous, the funny, the festive


daniel whitehall gifWhat a chat!! We cover all sorts of everything - we dove straight in and began discussing Marvel, comics, Agents of SHIELD and Reed's reunion with Jed Whedon, Mo Tancharoen and Dichen Lachman. From there - it was a hectic head first trip down the rabbit hole as we covered Rossum, Hydra, the spectrum of TV villains and the parallels of the fictional and real world.

Then onto Reed's insanely busy 2014 - from Wayward Pines to the final season of Franklin and Bash, to working with Malcolm McDowell and his first foray in comedy (on TV anyway), then onto State of Affairs and back again. 

as Daniel Whitehall

All the while joined by Monkey (an actual magical monkey) and Donald (the inebriated and obscenely snobby elf). Daniel Whitehall - yup, heartless evil Nazi Hydra leader - even serenaded us with a chilling rendition of Jingle Bells. 

 Oh and I taught Reed how *not* to say Nollaig Shona (Merry Christmas in Irish). 

We've very good. Practically not offensive at all.
Agents of SHIELD. We ruin the living daylights out of the first half of the second season.
And the end part of the first.
Oh, we also assume that everyone is up to speed on Dollhouse and Much Ado About Nothing. Because why wouldn't you be?




Reed Diamond - Christmas Special the Second

Reed Diamond - Christmas Special
Reed Diamond - our 3rd chat - HERE!
Reed Diamond - our 2nd chat - HERE!
Reed Diamond - our 1st chat - HERE!
Say hi to Reed on Twitter. Don't be shy - he's delightful - @ReedDiamond

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Fancy more of our inane chatter? You'll find us on twitter as @SteveCult and @Drneevil
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Interview with Sandeep Parikh

• December 18th, 2014

As a Christmas treat, Cult Fix (me!) was joined by the charming, multi-talented and funny Sandeep Parikh!

Unfortunately the first three minutes of the recording went completely bonkers - it sounded as though we were under water for some strange reason. Then, without any rhyme or reason, it all played beautifully. Weird!!

Sandeep and I had a great chat about all sorts of everything. It's so delightful when you just get into a conversation flow, you know?

Particular highlights for me included discussing the art of being funny - or learning how to take comedy seriously; his favourite film (and the resultant fan boy moment). 

Obviously we also chatted about his work on network TV (The Crazy Ones and Community) as well as his online performances (The Guild, Legends of Neil). We also discussed how improv has influenced his work; the balancing act of writing, directing and acting and the importance of working with and creating a community of similarly minded creative folks. 

There's also a little glimpse into what 2015 has in store both for Sandeep and Effing Funny. 

Listen Now:

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Cult Fix 4.02 - Chat with Munich

• June 17th, 2014
A few months ago I bumped into a few members of Leeds based electro-indie band Munich while waiting for a gig. 

Naturally, we got to talking. They seemed to be pretty cool lads so I arranged to have a bit of a chat with them about their band, music and Leeds.

Obviously, it's taken us just AGES to arrange something but finally we sat down in Cafe 164 and had a natter!

Meet Gareth and Simon (1 & 2 in the photo!). Then go listen to their music!!

Hope that you enjoy!  

Visit their website - Munich Band

Tweet the band - @MunichLeeds

Like on Facebook - Band Munich

Hear some of their sounds - SoundCloud

And finally - Instragram  

Listen Now:

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Interview with Leah Cairns

• January 12th, 2014

For the first Podcast of 2014, I'm all a-flutter to welcome the originator of one of my favourite characters from one of my favourite TV shows - Racetrack from Battlestar Galactica herself 

Leah Cairns!

We chat about all sorts of things. From Leah's origins as a dancer through her epic backpack years (!) to her realization that she wanted to India...while visiting a mediation centre. Perhaps this should come with a Random Alert warning, let alone language and spoilers!

We then discuss Battlestar Galactica - her audition, input into her character and the Racetrack arc as a whole. Along the way, expect constant little tidbits about the cast and crew Leah was working alongside. As Leah notes, no one really understands these characters as well as the actors who portray them!

Interstellar - Chris Nolan's soon to be released film, Kyle XY, Sanctuary, Fargo, The Tomorrow People and Leah's dream projects are also explored along the way.

Finally, we take a look at Leah's Go Fund Me campaign for two adorable little girls who are living with very dangerous conditions. 


We've very good. Practically not offensive at all. 

Nevertheless, those of an especially sensitive nature might want to brace themselves.


We *RUIN* Battlestar Galactica. Particularly the parts that relate to Racetrack. Because OBVIOUSLY.

Listen Now:

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Sons Of Anarchy?

• December 23rd, 2013

In which Steve is joined by friend of the show, and fellow podcaster Marc Foster ( to talk all six seasons of FX's Sons Of Anarchy.  We discuss the recent S6 finale, and where Kurt Sutter takes the show from here...

WARNING: Contains massive spoilers! And we mean massive! And probably some bad language...

Listen Now:

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Christmas Special 2013

• December 7th, 2013

Culturally Fixated is delighted to welcome back  - by popular demand - the wacky, hysterical and musical

Reed Diamond!

For a Spectacular Musical Extravaganza, otherwise known as the 

Cult Fix Christmas Special!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are no words.

We sing, we dance (thankfully not recorded in the podcast), laugh, cry and hurl. 

It's everything you could ever want in a Reed Diamond Christmas Special. 

We discuss The Mentalist, Bones, Franklin and Bash as well as his new mini-series Wayward Pines. 

That's the coherant part. 


We've very good. Practically not offensive at all. 

Nevertheless, those of an especially sensitive nature might want to brace themselves.


Practically nothing. Reed is a man of principle. 


Listen Now:

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Chat with Reed Diamond

• September 25th, 2013

Once again, Culturally Fixated is delighted to welcome Reed Diamond - no longer a guest, but officially a member of the Cult Fix family!

We discuss his experiences working on 'sin eraser' Much Ado About Nothing; his all-but-sexual-love for Joss Whedon and memories of Dollhouse as well as twitter, Franklin and Bash and - no spoilers here - his guest appearances on Bones and The Mentalist. 

More importantly, there are accents, giggles and I incorrectly name Shakespeare's Henry's. And am oblivious to it. Lovely to have my idiocy immortalized in a podcast...

Listen Now:

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Interview with Claudia Christian

• August 21st, 2013

There just isn't enough SQUEE in the world really.

CULTURALLY FIXATED is delighted to welcome the sublime 

Claudia Christian

who joined us this week. 

To hoards of SF fans, Claudia will always be General Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5 - one of the greatest SF characters in one of the greatest SF TV series EVER. However - as you'll hear during our chat - she's a true renaissance woman, with a diverse range of activities and creative outlets. 

She writes. She sings. She enjoys food, travel and books. She's even written a few herself! All that on top of portraying countless memorable characters across tv and film. AND single handedly destroyed a small fleet.


Just a touch.

Listen Now:

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Interview with Enver Gjokaj

• August 4th, 2013

Enver Gjokaj - actor, writer and inventor - joins Cult Neeve for a chat about all sorts of everything - from TV appearances to creating original content, being part of Lust for Love - a kickstarter project from before it became all trendy - and an exclusive look at what's coming next!

And not one mention of Joss Whedon, The Avengers or Dollhouse. And if you don't know by now that's a huge lie - I just despair!

Usual language warnings apply.

Ditto spoilers, though I can't think of anything that we really ruined. Better safe than sorry eh!

Listen Now:

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