3rd Annual Christmas Special - with Reed Diamond

Reed DiamondAs the year draws to a close, it is, of course, time for Culturally Fixated to catch up with the ever-charming, effervescent and inimitable Reed Diamond. He is - naturally - joined by our seasonal friend Donald, the Christmas Elf, who is predicatbly sauced up for the season. 

We discuss Reed's amazing streak of grusome deaths; what he's been reading; listening to; writing (ish); working on and watching in 2015.

He also answers questions posted by CultFix listeners on twitter...including a tale about an 'interesting' time working on Underground...involving a tornado!

Elementary, Minority Report, Journeyman, Bones, Agents of SHIELD - we run through some of his most memorable Guest Spot appearances and...it's just great folks. Reed is just one of the BEST. 

PLEASE NOTE We sing Christmas carols. Even me. Sorry about that. 


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